Optional Buys

Upgrade the Skynet Mainframe on the 2029 board with a set of imposing fortification miniatures including a pair of independent turrets and a large robotic fortress.

In 2029, both sides gain access to Upgrade cards. Like Skynet's Develop action in the core game, players complete these cards by assigning resources to them over time. When completed, Upgrades provide a passive bonus to all units of that type in play, such as better movement, attack range, and defense.

In 1984, characters and the Terminator gain access to various weapons and items that modify their action cards and dice results. Includes Iconic weapons such as the Terminator's Uzi 9mm and Kyle's Sawed Off Shotgun, as well as useful support items such as the LA Phonebook (helping Terminator track Sarah Connor), body armor and medical supplies.

Two new missions further integrate these mechanics into the game, by adding time ripple effects for upgrades.

1 rules insert (single page)
1 Skynet Mainframe model (large multi-part miniature)
2 new statcards
12 gear cards for 1984
6 skynet 2029 upgrade cards
6 resistance 2029 upgrade cards
2 new missions

Ever steadfast, dogs support the resistance in both 1984 and 2029 by readily exposing nearby Terminators. On the 1984 board, these neutral units provide bonuses to human characters by alerting them to approaching danger, improving their odds of avoiding or surviving an encounter with the Terminator. In contrast, 2029 dogs are deployed and controlled directly by the resistance player and provide enhanced protection from Skynet units.

A pair of new mission cards give the 1984 resistance the means to ensure their 2029 counterparts have plenty of canine support.

-1 rules insert
-2 new statcards (1984, 2029)
-2 new missions
-4 dog miniatures

From the pages of the 2014 comic, Ex-CIA operative Farrow Greene makes an appearance as a new playable character for the Resistance. One of the few characters who was capable of holding her own against a Terminator in single combat, Greene is sure to make an impact in whichever timeline players choose to include her. Unlike other characters in the core game, Greene can be played on either board: in 1984 she's a solid compliment to Kyle Reese to help protect Sarah Connor. In 2029, she makes a highly effective Resistance fighter.

-1 rules insert (single page)
-1 miniature
-1 double-sided statcard (1984/2029)
-20 character cards

Expansion 2: Freeways & Bases

Expand the 1984 board with a set of 3 freeway tiles, that connect the board's location hexes in new ways. Characters in 1984 gain access to a pair of new vehicle miniatures, and four new missions that use them, to engage in the sort of car chases that are a hallmark of the 1984 film.

In 2029, both sides gain something new to fight over: Bases. These new 2x2" tiles function like obstacles from the core game, but each one grants a unique special ability to the faction that occupies it. Bases change the tactical landscape by allowing players to deploy new units in better locations and provide benefits to those nearby. As such, they can't be ignored.

-1 rules insert (single page)
-2 small punchboards, containing 3 freeway tiles & 4 base tiles
-4 new mission cards that use the freeway
-4 base cards, with special rules for each base
-2 new vehicle miniatures that are used to move along freeways

With the Terminator closing in, the Resistance takes to the Sewers in this expansion.

A set of manhole cover tokens are added to locations in 1984, but also to the 2029 board, because the sewers still exist in the future! New action cards for both Skynet and the Resistance allow players to enter and move through the sewers unseen by the opponent, marking their progress only by time.

Each turn a character remains in the sewer, they gain a Travel token. The number of Travel tokens on a character determines how far from the entrance they can appear when they exit the sewers.

-1 rules insert (single page)
-8 Resistance action cards (can be used by any resistance characters in pairs)
-4 Skynet action cards
-1 punchboard of sewer tokens (manhole covers) and travel tokens for use on both boards.